Commeration Remarks for Korea America Year End Friendship Night

GEN Robert B. Abrams
Commander, UNC/CFC/USFK

Thank you for inviting me and Connie to join you here this evening and giving me a chance to speak. General Hwang and the Korea America Friendship Society, thank you for hosting this great event.

Tonight is a celebration of the ROK-US Alliance and the many friendships it has cultivated over many years. It is also a chance to recognize the great work done by the Korea America Friendship Society throughout the year.

Korea America Friendship Society has sponsored music concerts, seminars, and social events with United Nations Forces Command, Combined Forces Command, and U.S. Forces Personnel. All of those events are instrumental in strengthening the bond between American serivce members and our Korean hosts.

The support we receive from our committed partners and Korea America Friendship Society is invaluable. It is the foundation for many of our past and present friendships.

These are friendships that have stood the test of time. They are friendships that will endure as long as we continue to stand side by side.

With leaders like all of you and friends such as those at the Korea America Friendship Society, I am supremely confident that the Republic of Korea and the United States alliance will remain unbreakable.

On behalf of the over 28,000 U.S. service members and families living here in Korea, thank you. Thank you for your friendship. What you do matters to them, it matters to me, it matters to our great nations. Because of you, the Republic of Korea-U.S. alliance is iron clad. And the most capable joint war fighting force in the world.

같이 갑시다! 감사합니다!