About KAFS

KAFS was established on June 26, 1991, and its activities are as follows 


As a non-profit, non-partial and non-government organization to strengthen friendship and relationship between Korea and America through various kinds of studies on the relationships, activities for mutual understanding and friendship, and promotion of exchange. 

Scope of Activities 

  • to introduce the importance of the alliance and friendship between Korea and America to the societies of the both countries as well as their governments.
  • to play a role as a opinion leader in Korea Society
  • to study pending issues concerning the culture and academic matters between the two countries and disseminate products of these studies.
  • to organize forums for policy suggestions and publish a newsletter for strengthening relationships of the two countries
  • Others to be considered to achieve the objectives

Organization and members 

  • The Society consists of regular members and supporting members
    There are the Head Office in Seoul, Middle Chapter(Pyungtaek City), Southern Chapter(Gwangju City) and New York Chapter in the U.S.
  • Members include opinion leaders in various areas of the Korean Society such as academic, economic, social and cultural, national securities, and some Americans in Korea.