Past Presidents

The 1st President (1991~1999) 

The 2nd President (2000) 

Sang-Chol Kim

Mayor of Seoul
CEO, The Future Korea Journal

Jung-Suk Youn

President, The Korean Association of Int’l Studies
Honorary Professor, Chung-AngUniv

The 3rd President (2001~2008) 

The 4th President (2009~2018) 

Keun Park

Ambassador to the UN
Honorary President, Korea America Friendship Society

Cheol-Su Han

Deputy Commander-in-Chief, R.O.K.-U.S.CFC (General)
Ambassador to the Republic of China
Ambassador to the Republic of Brazil
President, Seokyeong Univ.
Honorary President, Seokyeong Univ.

The 5th President (2019~) 


Chairman, National Defense Committee

Assemblyman (2002~2016)

(R) Lieutenant General, ROK Army


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